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How to prepare for a Transoceanic voyage

Whether an expedition yacht or any other ocean-going yacht, a transoceanic voyage requires a large amount of planning before ever hitting the waters. People interested in taking a transoceanic trip need to be fully prepared, as there’s little room for error when traversing an ocean. These journeys are extremely long, requiring several days to even weeks to get to the desired location. With the right preparations, this trip can be one of the most enjoyable things a person does in their entire life. Before traversing the ocean, it’s important all travelers be aware of the necessities required for this great expedition.


  • Have The Right Crew
  • Pick a Destination
  • Bring More Supplies Than Necessary


Some people enjoy boating by themselves, which is totally fine. There’s something special about being alone in the middle of the ocean. It’s an incredible achievement to make the journey without any additional help and is an incredibly peaceful journey void of any real-world distractions. With that said, this is no easy feat for the beginner/intermediate boaters. It’s hard to multitask steering the boat and handling everything else, especially when things break down. Traveling with friends or family can make managing the boat much easier, and different things can be tasked out to efficiently distribute time and resources. This doubles as an incredible bonding experience for everyone involved. Those willing to spend the money can invest in a private crew that will maintain and steer the boat towards the desired destination. That way, yachters can spend less time stressing about their boat and more time enjoying all the amenities that are onboard.


Before departing on this grand journey, travelers should know where they actually want to go before hitting the water. As those aboard jerry c tend to vacation in their final destination, travelers should know where they want to end up. Some places are far easier to visit than others depending on where the journey starts. Those located in California will have an easy time getting to Hawaii or Japan, whereas those in London can visit Johannesburg or Miami. The choice is up to you, so make sure you make it a good one.


The last thing those aboard an expedition yacht want while on a transoceanic voyage is to be short on supplies such as food or fuel. It’s always better to have more than less, especially when it comes to your survival. Foods that last a long time before going bad, such as cabbage, are ideal for these trips. Having a large number of snacks and canned foods are also ideal for a great journey. Extra jerry cans of fuel are required as a precautionary measure in the event that the yacht doesn’t make it to the next port for whatever reason.

A transoceanic voyage aboard an ocean-going yacht can be the experience of a lifetime, so it’s important to travel the right way. Bering Yachts offers the premier ocean going yachts for full transoceanic journeys. With the exception of our Coastal series yachts, all of our yachts are designed for long-range trips without sacrificing comfort whatsoever.