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What to expect with a long expedition

Casting off for a small expedition in a yacht is one of the most fun and luxurious ways to travel. The open sea offers an adventure that is unlike any other type of travel. In a steel hull yacht, passengers will feel secure when boating on the water. They will also travel in comfort as yachts are larger vessels that have larger quarters and amenities. When traveling on a long expedition, it’s important to perform research to know what to expect. Here is what to look for when traveling in a steel hull yacht in a long expedition.

  • Planning
  • Preparation


Planning is a quintessential step that is the first step to take. When it comes to planning, budgeting time and money is necessary.

  • Time Budget – With any vacation, there is always more activities to do than there is time. Traveling by yacht takes more time than by plane. Budgeting the amount of time the trip will take better prepares guests for possible adjustments. In a long expedition, it is important to travel at a safe speed. Conditions like inclement weather can slow the expedition down. Furthermore, rushing from destination to destination can make the trip less enjoyable because of the constant feeling of being rushed.
  • Financial Budget – When traveling by steel hull yacht, access funds may be limited on the open sea. Without access to the internet or an ATM, it can be difficult to retrieve funds when needed the most. With any long or short expedition, having cash readily available is key when something unforeseen comes up. If traveling to international destinations, keep foreign currency as a backup for any purchases that may be needed.


Long or short expeditions on a yacht will require a lot of preparation. It’s important to prepare as there might be supplies that are needed. Preparing what routes to take and preparing the boat are only some of the things to look for when casting off for a long voyage.

  • Charts and Guides – Knowing what destinations are on the trip is important for a number of reasons. This is especially helpful for chart maps and guides. Planning the routes helps for refueling the yacht, picking up depleted supplies, and maximizing time on the open water.
  • Maintenance – Cruising on the ocean places strain and wear on the steel hull yacht. There will be times where the boat has to be docked at a certain destination to check on various mechanical components. It is also important to change the engine oil, filters and other yacht needs before casting off. This will ensure that the yacht is ready for a long or short expedition.
  • Supplies – From dock to pier, it may be a long time before the yacht reaches the destinations on the trip. Items such as food, water, clothing, toiletries, and etc will not be available on the open water. It is extremely important to have the essential items in good supply before going on the voyage.

The feeling of wind brushing through the hair and the smell of the water is an experience unlike any other. Taking a long expedition on a yacht is the finest way to travel and see the world. For those looking to purchase a steel hull yacht, look no further than Bering Yachts. We are the premier yacht construction company building quality vessels for over 20 years.