Cruising Stories

Bodrum – Göcek – Kekova: BeringYachts odyssey returns to where it started It is always astonishing to acknowledge how time flies. Feels like the Bering Yachts crew has started its little journey several days ago but in reality, it was almost two weeks and 1000 miles behind the transom. Set out from Kemer on July 28, Bering70 arrived in Kekova … Read More

Ayvalik- Çeşme:  quick pit-stop in wonderful harbor After two days stay in Ayvalik the Bering Yachts expedition continued with the night move to Çeşme. The 75 miles distance was covered by eight hours during the night shift. Now as the travelers are descending from the most northern point of the route, the wind and waves are helping Bering70 to slide … Read More

Leg 7, İzmir – Ayvalık: the Bering Yachts expedition crossed an “equator”. On Day 7, the Bering Yachts expedition has finally crossed an “equator”. In other words, the travelers climbed up the Aegean coast of Turkey to reach a small village Ayvalık that is the furthest point of travel. However, the true goal was an ancient Pergamum, which lies some … Read More

Leg 6, Kuşadası – İzmir: Bering70 enters ancient Smirna On August 2, the Bering Yachts’ expedition arrived at Izmir. This means that the trip that started on July 28 in Kemer has almost reached its furthest point. Having passed more than 430 miles in 5 days, Bering70 has only one point left before the voyage will turn back to the … Read More

Leg4-5: Bodrum- Kuşadası. Bering70 crew witness the holy places After occasional free day in Yalikavak the Bering Yachts’ expedition has regained its pace. In the night shift from July 31 and August 1, the crew moved from Bodrum peninsula to ancient Kuşadası. But the plans were far more extensive. The crew sought to reach the ancient city of Ephesus – … Read More

Leg3: Fethiye-Bodrum where East meets West There is one small downside with all this expeditions: you just cannot help but fall in love with the places you visit. This exactly what happened to the Bering Yachts’ crew that set out for pocket-odyssey trip from Kemer on July 28th. On the beginning of Day 3 the crew has managed to cover … Read More


  • LOA 95 4"(29.08 m)
    Displacement 210 mT
    Range 3,500 + nautical miles
  • LOA 100'3" (30.6 m)
    Displacement 250 mT
    Range 6,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 32.54 m
    Displacement 246 mT
    Range 4,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 117 2" (35.42 m)
    Displacement 318 mT
    Range 4,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 134' (40.86 m)
    Displacement 479 mT
    Range 6,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 44.20 m (145')
    Displacement 514 mT
    Range 4,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 55 m (180')
    Displacement 550 mT
    Range 4,500+ nautical miles


  • LOA 65' (19.78 m)
    Displacement 107 mT
    Range 4,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 73'6" (22.43 m)
    Displacement 70 mT
    Range 2,500 + nautical miles
  • LOA 72` (21.88 m)
    Displacement 118 mT
    Range 5,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 85'2" (25.97 m)
    Displacement 165 mT
    Range 4,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 85'9" (26.2 m)
    Displacement 220 mT
    Range 5,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 84'9"(25.90 m)
    Displacement 160 mT
    Range 4,000 + nautical miles