Cruising Stories

Sergey Myaz is an active, passionate big-game sport fisherman and mariner with a distinguished career that includes service as a first officer in the Russian navy for two decades. He sought out a yacht that is rugged and dependable, so he bought his first Bering 65 “Serge” in 2015 which can be comfortably operated and maintained by two people. One … Read More

Leonardo Brea is an experienced seaman with years of experience, both, as a Navy Officer and later as first officer on board big ships in the Merchant Marine. He purchased his Bering 65 Expedition series in 2012 after an exhaustive search of all similar options, looking for a boat which could navigate open ocean routes, rather than coastal weekend short … Read More

Dave’s first encounter with a Bering vessel was in 2014 while visiting Bali where he discovered Bering 65 “Namaste” part of the Expedition series. Soon after, he discovered Bering 55 “Mila” and was so impressed he decided to buy her and ship her to Australia. After very successful sea trials it was decided to sail the vessel to her new home … Read More

Dmitri purchased his Bering 60 in 2012, decided to name the boat DZAM and harbor her on the turquoise coast of Antalya, Turkey.  Featuring a range of over 3,000 nautical miles and a modern interior with large glass panels surrounding the saloon and galley, she turned out to be the best fit for the Mediterranean. Dmitri’s favorite cruising destinations include: Kas, Fethyie, … Read More

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